No Way in Hell: A Steel Corps/Trident Security Crossover Novel Book 2 - Samantha Cole, J. C. Havens
  Arc copy given by authors for an honest review.
The mission is go in this second part of the Trident/ Steel crossover story. With the suspense building throughout the first part it continues on in this to the conclusion. Interrogations are full on and a bit gory, pretty much what you expect to get results and answers. I love the sparks between Mic and Carter and the friendship they build while working together, it is almost funny how Mic tries to dominate the Dom and gives as good as she gets, him insisting on calling her sweetheart and touching, kissing her when they are in the group knowing she has to stay in character. I loved these books so much it was hard finishing them I just wanted more, more, more. JB and Samantha have done a fantastic job inter-weaving each of their characters form their own book series into this combined one, working them in with all their strengths and even the few weaknesses, not that there's many of them. This is a very believable story of terrorism at its worst, you can easily believe there are groups like this existing and planning to commit these awful deeds against humanity and our countries. Fantastic, wonderful do not even begin to cover how good these two books are. If you like Military reads then honestly you cant go wrong, there is action a plenty as well as undercover work and interrogations giving insight into just a bit of what probably does go on behind the scenes that us ordinary public don't hear about. JB Havens and Samantha A Cole when do we get more please? waiting with fingers crossed.