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This review is from: Sabotage: Beginnings (Savage Souls MC) (Kindle Edition)

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Sabotage by LS Silverii

Sabotage: Beginnings (Savage Souls)
by LS Silverii

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it was amazing

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Sabotage By Scott Silverii Review By Wendy S Hodges

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Having read the 5 Savage Souls MC Books first it was nice to go back and find out how Justice and Ben changed and became the men they are in the series. This is interesting, well researched as far as customs, dress style, language and behaviour as well as the locations. There is some hardcore violence and rape scenes and canibilism, torture. I never thought that I would say I enjoyed reading books involving any of these things, but the story is such that you just need to read it to understand the why's?
All the characters are strong in mind, body and soul. The hardships they all go through or have been through have toughened and shaped them, beginning to style them into the men they become. It can be hard reading at times, not because its slow or boring in any way but some of the scenes can be very raw and descriptive. It also makes you wonder about goverments the world over and the things they sanction that us normal average people dont know about, is this sort of thing truelly going on and we just dont know. I find that a very Scary notion, I pity the men and women going through this sort of training and the missions they have to go on, things they do that they have to find a way to justify and live with. Scott Silverii does an amazing job bringing these characters to life and turning them into something we should hate but I actually felt sorry for, I wanted to hug and love Justice, even Ben in some ways. It wasnt their fault they end up the way they are, betrayal by their bosses, in Bens case by his family its understandable. I loved this book and the series, well worth reading especially if you like something with grit.
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