Creed: Fallen Angel's MC - Erin Trejo
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One accident that changes the whole course of two lives, yet somehow they both end up in a similar life. Jada's is not good or healthy, it's violent, abusive and almost deadly. Creed is just surviving, not really caring if he lives or dies. He loves the MC lifestyle but at the same time it is just a living, the women he loves is missing and he doesn't ever expect to see her again. Quite by chance they do meet again, circumstances still not in their favour they go their separate ways again. You have the bikers, guns, violence, drugs and rivalry that comes with MC clubs/gangs. You also have this deep seated love that the two main characters have for each other, a love that started way back when they were kids and has never dimmed or died. Two clubs that have a history and a secret link that is a cause for hatred and fighting, becomes even more heated with the added history and relationship of Creed and Jada. I love stories like this that hook me in and keep me on the edge of my seat, not able to read it fast enough but at the same time not wanting it to finish. I haven't looked but I'm hoping this author has written more in this series.