SEALs of Honor: Dane (Volume 3) - Dale Mayer
  Dane is quiet, great looking and fantastic at his job. Patient, kind and protective. Marielle is good at her research job, still studying chemistry she has discovered a weapon quite by accident so stressed by that and my her mothers poor health she goes on holiday. Invited by a professor to Germany she sees a military guy in the garden where she's staying, things start taking a downward spiral from there. Threatened, blown up, snatch attempts she ran to Dane for help at first then once she thought it was ok started to head home.
Action packed story with Dane and the Seal team trying to find out what's going on and why Marielle has been targeted, then to find out exactly by who. I love these men, they are hot, sexy, very protective and have great sense of humours. Brilliant at their jobs and will stop at nothing to get results, they are all at a stage in their lives that they are wanting to find the love of their lives and tend to find them when they least expect it. They fall fast and hard once they do and they have started to do so one after the other a bit like dominoes. The story is interesting and the varied subject matter keeps you wanting more. I loved the animal aspect with this one as Masters was very much a part of this as the main characters, pampered and looked after no matter if they were flying or in a safe house in either country. Easy reading that you don't want to put down but with enough suspense to give it a bit of an edge so you don't know what to expect next or when.