Michael's Mercy (Sleeper Seals) (Volume 3) - Dale Mayer

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Gosh! Suspense and excitement from start to finish, its intense and mysterious as well. Linked to both the Sleeper Seals Series and Dale Mayer's Heroes For Hire Series, the focus is on Michael. Levi and Ice have been trying to recruit him for a while but he has been refusing, wanting to stay retired until he receives a phone call from someone else needing his help that changes his mind.
Mercy is trying to find out why her sister was murdered, she goes privately under cover to get information. This is a book you do not want to put down, I was hooked from the first page and would happily have sat and read without interruption (#blow life getting in the way)still I read in every free minute I could get. I loved that Mercy was strong and feisty, determined to stay and do her bit. I loved that the clues were slow to pop up and gradual when they did to draw the suspense to maximum, causing my heartbeat to slowly increase as the excitement towards the conclusion built. Wonderful plot and characters and as always at the end of the main story a brief introduction to the next story character. Just enough of a tease to have me wanting the next book. Well worth the five stars.