Forced: A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance (The Blackthorn Brothers Book 1) - Cali MacKay
  Well this is certainly a bit different from the last series I read from Cali. Wren has moved away from home to try and forget all the bad stuff that happened, I don't think she knew her father has been having her watched though maybe if he had done that sooner the bad stuff wouldn't have happened. Ash had broken off with her thinking maybe someone else could help her and she would be happier, all it did was send her back to the one causing the trouble. Both are still in love with each other and now being blackmailed to get married by her father. The twists in this were not as surprising as I expected them to be, but I still enjoyed the story. There is abusive content and talk of rape, plus the BDSM element to Wren and Ash's relationship though I feel she needed that because of everything else she had been through and Ash was just trying to give her the release she needed. Lots of sexual content which is graphic, I suppose some might feel there was to much of this and maybe there could have been a bit more plot. But I felt that to some extent the sexual side of the story was probably more of the focus because they just couldn't keep their hands off each other, even when Wren was running away. I still found I lost myself in the reading which is good, maybe not my favourite of Cali's books but still worth my 5 stars and I am reading on through the series.