No Way in Hell: A Steel Corps/Trident Security Crossover Novel Book 1 - Samantha Cole, J. C. Havens
  Free copy gifted by authors for and honest review.
The anticipation that built for this crossover two book between JB Havens Steel Corps Series and Samantha A Cole's Trident Security Series is so worth it. Having most of your favourite characters all in one place, getting background of the earlier years and how they all get to where they are in the separate series is interesting and helps understand them a lot more. Its exciting from the first page and doesn't stop building throughout, it finishes to quickly but luckily both books are releasing more or less together so no wait to get right back in with the second. You do need to read both books and in order as it is a continuation. I love all these kick-ass characters and no way can I choose between them, though it is great to have Phillips back as I have missed him. This starts with Mic and Carter when young and how they end up in the military doing what they do, there are some intense sections where they are fighting in war zones some of which is graphic, especially the interrogations. It is also the start of Trident and Steel, the setting up of each as well as the training and recruitment. I feel so lucky to be given the chance of the early read of these before the main release and believe me you do not want to miss out on them. if you haven't yet read Trident Security or The Steel Corps Series then I would actually read these two first before you go and read both the other series but if you have already read them then this is just an added bonus. Fantastic collaboration between these awesome authors and I hope that maybe they may do more in the future, definitely worth more than five stars.