Not Negotiable: A Trident Security Series Novella - Book 3.5 - Samantha Cole
  This story though not a direct Trident team book is about a much loved extra character Shelby, we have seen bits of her in all three previous books. The reasons she joined the club are bittersweet, the same with Parker. Both have stuff they have to deal with, him its family, her its having survived the big C. Both like each other, he has tried several times to play with her but Shelby keeps him at a distance. She knows she would want more with him but doesn't feel she can give him what he deserves, when something unexpected happens and he finds out, then that gives him a reason to step in. Parts of this story are a bit sad, but the true story really is about courage. Cancer is a horrible disease in every form, the strength of character to fight back as well as overcome it shows true bravery. With her friends, the Team and Parker helping Shelby find some peace and happiness can she finally have the love she deserves. Parker as well knows nothing but being a disappointment to his family, even though he has made a success of his own growing business. We don't have the chases across states, the tension of lives being risked to save others, instead we have this inspiring story of battle and survival of one of the biggest killers. These two creep into your heart and lodge deep.