Topping the Alpha: Trident Security Series - Samantha Cole
  This story give us an insight into a slightly different type of BDSM relationship, Male Dom/ Male Sub.
But not just any Sub, Nick is still an Active Seal, he is also not actively in the lifestyle. I love Nick he is strong, has a mind of his own and though willing to Submit to Jake while they play still expects to be treated as an equal in normal daily life. He puts up with a lot from Jake giving him time to work his issues out, being patient and listening when needed. Jake is a Dom with big problems from his past, he hasn't spoken about them to anyone hiding not only the scars on his back but the internal ones . Jake might be a Dom but is actually the weaker of the two, his vulnerabilities causing uncertainty and doubt. Jake brought out my mothering instincts, I wanted to wrap him up in a hug. Although there is sex in this story its almost minor to everything else going on, with Jake's history plus helping and trying to protect a teenage girl from an abusive father who's trying to kill her. Ian is up to something as well with secret meetings going on, as well as the new team gradually integrating into the missions. There is some violence in parts but nothing to excessive or out of proportion to the happenings in the story. This series continues to grip and enthral me, the characters weaving their way into my heart as they each find their loves, their soul mates.