Elsie - Esther E. Schmidt
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Elsie is tough when it comes to the "Gators" but not when it comes to men, having been hurt twice before she is just not interested.
Dale is strong in all things until Elsie.
This is mostly a sweet love story but there is nothing that is completely smooth sailing. With an escapee "Gator" and a women who is spiteful in the extreme, there is much more than just falling in love. Not a very long book but plenty of content to get you and keep you interested and wanting more of this family of siblings, each is a great character and they have a fantastic bond with each other.
The "Gators in the stories are characters in their own right, often up to mischief, their antics are funny though I wouldn't want to be face to face with one.
I do like that Esther has some humour added in this series as well as the drama, it makes it fun reading and not all deep and serious. The sex scenes are not to explicit or detailed, but enough to be good and natural.
I have enjoyed all Esther's books but I must say this series is some of her best work, keeping an even balance between the drama, love and some humour isn't that easy to do, but she has mastered it in these and that is what helps to make them fantastic reading.


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