Cyrus - Esther E. Schmidt
  Only short but I loved this story of love and croc wrestling. Cyrus has been away from the swamps of his real home, he grew up there. Coming home unexpected events happen to change everything, he meets Bertie. The croc farm that she runs has hit some snags, her brother is causing problems and her Pa isn't much help either. I love the notion of almost instant love and a chemistry that is almost like an electric shock to the system, being swept away by it and being consumed. Cyrus is a strong, big, independent guy who is feeling a bit jaded with life and just wants to come back to his roots. I loved seeing this macho guy show his vulnerable side and not be afraid to do so. Bertie has had to be the strong one in her family, losing her mum hit hard. She is carrying on with her mothers dream, they both love crocs and had worked side by side, now scarred by one of the biggest she carry's on with some help. Because this story is only short you don't get the long drawn out get to know you, it doesn't really give you a lot of background or a chance to get to know or meet the other characters around them, but it is a sweet loving romance. I cant wait for the rest of this series and though it is short I still feel it is worth buying and reading, it is ideal for reading during a flight or weekend break. There is no cliff hanger so although the series is based around Cyrus family it can be read alone, so you do not have to be tied to reading them all unless you want to.