Tyler - Esther E. Schmidt
  Yet another fantastic read from Esther, I am loving these guys from Arion MC. Hot, tough, def Alpha but underneath there is this softness for their women. They fall fast and hard when they meet "The One", there is no hesitation in claiming them. But it would be boring if there wasn't something to complicate the straight smooth sailing love affair between these couples, threats and demands for money are amongst the twists in this story. We also get glimpses of future stories from other characters and some awesome news. Tyler comes across as a nice down to earth guy, he does what he has to when it comes to keeping the club guys and ol ladies safe but otherwise is a quiet gentle type of guy. Riddley is quite surprising, strong and capable in her business, her weakness is family. The MC step up to help, men and women alike, if one is threatened then they feel they all are. I love that in some cases it is the women that take charge in some areas of their relationships, not just letting the guys rule. Well written with a nice flow, enough content to get your teeth into and characters to fall in love with.