Frederick - Esther E. Schmidt
  Oh my gosh! straight in and full on read, hot, so hot it makes you squirm. Strong characters that you fall in love with from the first page, Frederick comes across as brash and take no prisoners at the start but Taryn gives as good as she gets. Sparks over the phone lead to fireworks in person at the beginning, it made me chuckle how she answers him back and how much he loves that she does that to him. The Horses sound absolutely gorgeous and with such great empathy to Taryn and then Frederick. Taryn has suffered such loss and grief, surprisingly not really standing up to the bully. I want to say so much about this book but promised no spoilers so I cant, you will just have to buy and read for yourselves you wont be sorry. There is sexual content based on BDSM, but nothing to excessive. Esther I think this is my favourite book so far, each book is better than the one before and I love them all this just tops the list. I feel very honoured to have been chosen as an early reader for this book especially as I was impatient to read it, so thank you its awesome.