Broke - Esther E. Schmidt
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OMG, Broke. To overcome such a horrendous assault, to live with the affects. Then to meet someone that not only looks past it but mends him. I can only imagine the feelings of inadequacy that a man would suffer and how that would influence his whole life. It made me angry and hurt for him to know how he had gone through something like that, then to meet Roan coming to her rescue when hurt. She is loving, strong and a bit sassy exactly what Broke needs. With instant attraction and a need to protect this is a full on relationship from the get go. I love these two, they are so in sinc with each other and very strong in there bonding. This story is heart warming, loving and emotional. It is also about different types of abuse and the violence behind them, the long term harm that is left as a result. Esther as always never fails to deliver a story to draw her readers in and keep them coming back for more, having us fall in love with each and every character in her books. Each story unique in the different subject matter and dealt with in an informed, knowledgeable way. Definitely worth reading.