Deeds - Esther E. Schmidt
  reviewer was given an early copy for an honest review.
all is not what it seems with this story, an underlying mystery. I was riveted to this I could not put it down, it picks up where "Zack" ends and I personally feel you need to read that first. you get the background and relationship of some of the main characters as they follow through into "Deeds", and a feel for the story. this is MC with a difference, on the surface its what you expect. there's still fights, rules, bikes, drinking and competition. the sex is very intense and hot, almost consuming. you also get the inking and piercing side, the patches. Deeds is a hot alpha with an MMA background but he has a reaction to Lynn that sees his softer side, you almost expect this couple to combust the spark is so strong. there is a very good background mystery to this which gives it an added edge, its a subject that's horrifying but oh so true of things that happen in this day and age. reading this are on the edge of your seat at times, ducking to miss bullets because the author truly brings the scenes to life. you can see and in some cases smell them, the writing is very vivid, the colours, the sounds and smells are described so well. I loved this book, it made me think and feel, I was almost as consumed as the characters I was reading about, to the point of having a headache when I finished because I was just so in the story I couldn't stop to take a break. it followed me for a while into sleep, the story going round in my head. so good and I cant wait for "Broke" he's up next