5.0 out of 5 stars I enjoyed this story very much, March 19, 2016
This review is from: Bastard's Baby (Paperback)
This was an arc copy for an honest review.
This is a Mafia Mob Romance, there is strong language and some violence. The two main characters, a one night hook up and the result of that could be the cause of major trouble. I enjoyed this story very much, the pace is fairly fast so no time to get bored or even wanting to put it down. Russian Mafia clashing with Italian Mafia, Kaley stuck smack bang in the middle just trying to stay safe. Vince all he knows is except his body wants hers, trying to work out if he wants more than that and all that comes with it while also dealing with her family. He also has to worry about his own comrades and whether he has their support or not. These issues are the type that you hear of with gangster families and reprisals against each other, the book itself is easy to read. There is no gore or in depth violence so no need to be squeamish, its mostly about this couple finding their way and working out what they both want while dealing with all the Mob stuff as well. Very explicit sex scenes, but again they are all in proportion to the story so not overly excessive, not making the book all sex and nothing else. Research is good for how the Mafia families function, the rules and regulations and retaliations on each other fits with everything I've ever learned. All in all a great story, not to heavy or dragging it flows at a steady constant rate holding you captivated and wanting to keep reading to the end.