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This review is from: Forbidden: Part 3 (The Townsend Twins) (Kindle Edition)
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Forbidden by Cali MacKay

Forbidden: Part 3 (The Townsend Twins)
by Cali MacKay (Goodreads Author)

Wendy Hodges's review
Mar 28, 16 · edit

it was amazing

Read on March 28, 2016

This is part 3 of 4, the continuing story of Hawke, Archer and Phoebe . She has just found out that what she thought isn't the truth of what is, in even more turmoil than she was with the stuff from her past can she get past this latest twist. Her love not being quite what she though it was, she just cant understand the lies. I was on the edge of my seat again reading this as I was for the first two parts, could the twins persuade her to give them another chance and let them openly love her. I really feel for all three of these characters, each have their own separate issues as well as those they share. Though personally if I had twins wanting to love and equally share me I think I was the luckiest woman alive, I love this threesome I think if they can work thing out it will be a fantastic relationship for all of them. Cali again left me just hanging there at the end and now I have to wait till she has finished part four, I hope it doesn't take to long I really need to know the end now. I would recommend if you haven't started this series buy but wait for the forth part before you read, unless you don't mind cliff hangers and a gap before the next bit. This is a great story concept and I love it, there is a deepness inside each of the characters but there's also this longing for acceptance and love for who each of them are. So love, angst, jealousy, uncertainty and a slight feeling of betrayal with the lies all play a part in keeping you riveted to the end. ENJOY! I did.