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This review is from: Redemption (Savage Souls MC Book 5) (Kindle Edition)

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Redemption by LS Silverii

Redemption (Savage Souls MC Book 5)
by LS Silverii

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Mar 09, 16 · edit

it was amazing

Read on March 09, 2016

This series is described as deep dark romance, well the first three books I can honestly sat I didn't notice the romance part. I spotted a glimmer in the fourth, this one is the final of the five part series (so Far). We do get some love and romance in this one, mixed with the violence, abuse, rape and the seeming never ending fear. This one also contains barbarianism and cannibalism, you need a tough stomach at times reading this. We get answers finally on both the betrayals within the bikers and with the undercover agents, the violence is still horrific beyond belief. Despite all of that I did actually enjoy this series, it opened my eyes to things that really happen in true life not that I would want to be any where near any of it. Its hard to imagine reading some of the horrific things these bikers do to Abigail or each other and finding any enjoyment, but its the overall story that follows through all the way. It gets you intrigued, puzzling, wondering then you just have to keep going to get the answers. So finally summing up the whole series, intrigue, mystery, betrayal, hatred, murder, guns, drugs, rape, extreme violence, foul language and last a slight softness just creeping in with a little love, understanding, a small bit of light. But this ride isn't over yet but its now a wait until the next part, will Abigail, Justice, James and the others ever find some peace? I shall stay tuned for news on more.