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This review is from: Damaged (Savage Souls MC Book 2) (Kindle Edition)

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Damaged by LS Silverii

Damaged (Savage Souls Book 2)
by LS Silverii

Wendy Hodges's review
Mar 08, 16 · edit

it was amazing

Read on March 08, 2016

The violence, abuse and betrayal continue in this the second in the Savage Souls Series. This is scary reading at times, I don't understand how a human body can withstand some of these beatings and still function. This is a very deep hard-core biker group, they just don't know softness or what love is. Somewhere along the lines between growing up, serving in the forces and becoming bikers most of their humanity has deserted them. Women, whether they be wives, girlfriends, old ladies or whores even mothers to their kids they are all treated the same way. Shared around and used in any way the men want, no respect what so ever. More details gradually come to light on the main betrayal, information coming from various sources. There are rats in the gang but they blood family members? You also have undercover agents, and all is not as it seems with their departments either. More intrigue and questions arise in this part as well as a few more snippets to solve what's happening. Violence, rape, beatings, swearing, terror, these are all very much apart of this series. They are not easy reading though they do grip you and keep you on the edge of your seat, at times cringing.
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