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This review is from: Broken (Savage Souls MC Book 1) (Kindle Edition)

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Broken by LS Silverii

Broken (Savage Souls Book 1)
by LS Silverii

Wendy Hodges's review
Mar 08, 16 · edit

it was amazing

Read on March 08, 2016

Of all the biker series books I have read this is the most violent, terror filled, heartbreaking story of them all. On top of that its just the first part of a five part series. From the very first chapter it is hard-core, deep and dark. These men are viscous they feel they have the right to treat women as are nothing except a receptacle for sex, even then its not really sex either just a means for them to come! Abigail lost the only thing she loved and is only alive now for one purpose, Revenge. The things she goes through in this first part are unspeakable, nothing but a nightmare. I kept expecting at least one of the bikers to show a little humanity, just a bit of kindness. The actual story is betrayal as is often the case between biker clans, this is ongoing through the series. Also the highest men in the Savage gang are true blood brothers, as in siblings. This also causes friction and some in fighting, the swearing is full on. Do not read this and expect any softness or love, even trust seems non-existent at least in this part. I do feel however its worth reading, following through, I need to know more and figure out what made these ex military man turn out to be so nasty and viscous. If you can get past all those issues then this is a great read.